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Interactive tests


Tests may help to check and improve one's knowledge and abilities. These pages are devoted to a number of tests, coming in several types:


Multiple choice test with exactly one correct answer for each question, evaluation

Multiple choice test with several correct answers for each question, evaluation


Association of categories

Interactive test of other type

All users are invited to send us further tests or suggestions for tests (message maths online). In case of technical problems with pages containing puzzles consult this page.




Intersection and union
Definitions of sets

Drawing plane and coordinate system


Reading off coordinates

Variables, terms, formulae, and identities


Pulling common factors out
Binomial formulae
The big puzzle on term manipulation
Substituting numbers in terms
Substituting terms in terms
Polynomials and their order
Simplifying quotients

Functions 1


Graph or not graph
Properties of functions

Limiting processes


Arithmetic or geometric?
Sequences - convergent or divergent?

Differentiation 1


Definition of the derivative
Differentiating polynomials

Continuity of functions


Continuous or discontinuous?

Differentiation 2


Functions with absolute value - differentiable or not?
Trig functions with absolute value - differentiable or not?



Definite integrals - sine function
Definite integrals - cosine function


Interactive tests - Table of contents

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